Huntsville photographer Eric Schultz brings the experience of his 28 years as an award-winning photojournalist and his love of photography together at Rocket City Photo Studios and Rocket City Darkroom.  Schultz uses modern technology to serve his photography clients with compelling, visually interesting images for use on multiple platforms. At the same time, Schultz is keeping in touch his photographic history by creating images on film and teaching black and white photography in Rocket City Darkroom.

While working in the ever-changing business of journalism, Schultz recognized the need to have a ‘Plan B’ and originally opened a studio on the third floor of Lowe Mill a few years ago. It was always a dream to have a studio and Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment was the perfect opportunity to open a small studio to photograph commercial clients. The studio opened as a photographic ‘back-burner’ project in 2010.

Today, Rocket City Photo is now a full-time photographic services business offering editorial, sports, commercial, and portrait photography on location or here at the studio in historic Lowe Mill. From formal business portraits to action photos of your favorite quarterback, Rocket City Photo has the skills to bring you quality, compelling visual images on a deadline.