things like this can happen anywhere, right?

I had just filled up with gas at WalMart. I was driving past the Sonic when I heard a dozen gunshots and saw some folks running. I pulled over to where there were a couple of police officers chatting. It was clearly gunshots and the officers were already looking toward the scene.  The officer in the cruiser jumped in his cruiser and was there within 30 second. I was right behind him. I was right there in the mix, but there were just people running all around. I wasn’t sure what happened or where. Then, I heard someone screaming “Keep pressure on it, keep pressure on it.!” They were putting pressure on a man’s leg. He’d been shot in the leg. They were trying to stop the bleeding from the gunshot wound. I didn’t know if the shooter was still there, so I was a little hesitant to run right […]