Rocket City Photo

Studio 2018 | Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

If something big is happening in the Tennessee Valley, you can be sure that local legend Eric Schultz will be there with his camera. Whether you know Schultz by name or not, if you’ve ever opened up the Huntsville Times you are more than familiar with his work. Who better than this sharp-eyed Huntsville native to document the cultural events, sports victories, human interest stories, and natural beauty of our region?

Though readers of Huntsville Times will already be familiar with Eric’s striking photojournalism, Schultz’s studio at Lowe Mill A&E also offers high-quality reproductions of creative and non-commercial images captured throughout his many adventures in Huntsville and beyond. Come peer behind this naturally curious artist’s lens in his second floor Studio 2018, at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment.

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